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Hilton Heads first and the only custom pirate ship is the island’s #1 rated attraction! From beginning to end the action is non-stop as we transform the kids into our Pirate Crew. Everyone gets a pirate name and learns how to talk like a pirate all before we even start our search for treasure on the Hilton Head Pirate Cruise!

a drawing of a child dressing up as a pirate representing the kids that transform into pirates on their Pirate Adventure

Transform into a Pirate

a cartoon drawing of a pirate ship representing the pirate ship tour on hilton head

Battle Stinky Pete

a cartoon drawing of a treasure chest open with gold coins in it

Search for Treasure

We’ve Got a Map to Sunken Treasure, But We Need a Crew!

Stinky Pete, the island’s smelliest pirate, also knows about the map and he stole the key! The race is on, to find Stinky Pete and get the key back before he can steal the treasure. Once we find him, our new crew will have to man the water cannons and blast Stinky Pete until he gives us the key.

Fortunately, we always beat Stinky Pete and every one of our pirates of Hilton Head gets a share of the booty to take home. There’s singing and dancing and you never know what other surprises we might run into. There’s a reason we’re rated #1, come and see why our customers always say this was the highlight of their vacation.

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